JSI Tip 5438. Windows XP issues warnings during synchronization of offline files, even though these file types have been excluded?

When you use group policy to assign offline files and exclude certain file extensions, your Windows XP clients receive:

Warnings occurred while Windows was synchronizing your data.
Results: Offline files.
Unable to make file name available offline. Files of this type cannot be made available offline.

NOTE: Synchronization completes normally.

The only way to disable these annoying warnings:

1. Copy / Paste the following to a KeepProgressLevel.reg file:



2. Merge the KeepProgressLevel.reg file with your registry.

NOTE: The KeepProgressLevel Value Name can have the following data values:

1 - Pause on errors.
2 - Pause on warnings.
3 - Pause on errors and warnings.
4 - Pause and display INFO.

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