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JSI Tip 5413. How do I set the pointer trails in Windows XP?

Pointer trails makes it easier to see the mouse pointer on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens.

When you use Control Panel / Mouse to select the Pointer Options tab, you can check the Display pointer trails check box. When you check it, the slider becomes available to set the length of the trail.

You can use the Registry Editor to set the pointer trails. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse key. Double-click the MouseTrails Value Name, a string (REG_SZ) data type, and set the data value to:

0 - Mouse trails are disabled.

1 - Mouse trails have a minimum length trail.

4 - Mouse trails have a medium length trail.

7 - Mouse trails have a maximum length trail.

The mouse trail length can be any number from 1 through 7.

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