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JSI Tip 5397. How do I force users to use the Classic Control Panel in Windows XP?

Windows XP uses the new menu style control panel by default.

To force the Classic Control Panel, Windows 2000 style, use Local Group Policy to navigate to User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Control Panel. Double-click Force classic Control Panel Style and Enable the policy.

NOTE: The Explain tab contains:

This setting affects the visual style and presentation of the Control Panel.

It allows you to disable the new style of Control Panel, which is task-based, and use the Windows 2000 style, referred to as the "classic" Control Panel. The new Control Panel, referred to as the "simple" Control Panel, simplifies how users interact with settings by providing easy-to-understand tasks that help users get their work done quickly. The Control Panel allows the users to configure their computer, add or remove programs, and change settings.

If you enable this setting, Control Panel sets the classic Control Panel. The user cannot switch to the new simple style.

If you disable this setting, Control Panel is set to the task-based style. The user cannot switch to the classic Control Panel style.

If you do not configure it, the default is the task-based style, which the user can change.

NOTE: To set this via the registry:

1. Copy / Paste the following to a ForceClassicControlPanel.reg file.



2. Run Regedit /s ForceClassicControlPanel.reg

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