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JSI Tip 5395. How do I restrict users from changing theme font size, color scheme, and button styles in Windows XP?

In tip 4271, I described how to configure desktop themes in Windows XP.

You can use the Registry Editor to restrict Windows styles, buttons, color schemes, and font sizes:

1. Navigate to:


2. For each restriction, use the following table to add a REG_DWORD data type and set the data value to 1:

Value Name D E S C R I P T I O N
NoVisualStyleChoice     Disables the Windows and buttons style control.
NoColorChoice Disables the color scheme control.
NoSizeChoice Disables the font size control.

You can set a default style by adding a string (REG_SZ) Value Name of SetVisualStyle and setting it to the full path of a .msstyles file.

NOTE: To hide the Themes tab, see tip 5396.

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