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JSI Tip 5368. How do I register a program to run in a system or user global context in Windows 2000 Terminal Services?

In Terminal Services, some files may not open correctly when more than one user tries to use them. These programs must be run in a system or user global context to function correctly.

When you open a CMD prompt and type register /?, you receive:

Register a program so it can have special execution characteristics.

REGISTER filename \[/SYSTEM | /USER\] \[/V\]

    /SYSTEM        Register filename as SYSTEM GLOBAL resource.
    /USER             Register filename as USER GLOBAL resource.
    /V                      Provides verbose information.

NOTE: "Registration data for a program is recognized only when the program is installed. If you issue a register command for a program that is already installed, the changes take effect the next time the program is installed".

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