JSI Tip 5277. How do I remove wasted space in user profiles by using Windows 2000 Terminal Services?

The Cprofile command removes wasted space from user profiles, and if user-specific file associations are turned off, it also removes file associations from the user's profile.

When you open a CMD prompt and type cprofile /?, you receive:

Cleans the specified profiles of wasted space and removes user-specific file
associations from the registry when disabled.

CPROFILE \[/L\] \[/I\] \[/V\] filelist

This tool will not modify profiles that are currently in use.

  /L  Clean all local profiles (filelist need not be specified).
  /I  Interactively prompt the user with each profile.
  /V  Provide verbose output.
When using filelist to add additional profiles, separate each profile with a space, as in:
"c:\documents and settings\<UserName1>\ntuser.dat" "c:\documents and settings\<UserName2>\ntuser.dat"
"\\<ServerName>\C$\Documents and Settings\<UserName1>\ntuser.dat" "\\<ServerName>\C$\Documents and Settings\<UserName2>\ntuser.dat"
Since cprofile will not modify profiles that are in use, you could schedule the command to run during off hours. Make sure you DO NOT use the /I switch when scheduling the cprofile command.

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