JSI Tip 5266. How do I disable Windows XP error reporting?

When a program crashes, Windows XP offers to send an error report to Microsoft.

If you wish to disable this prompt, or to configure selected program aborts to be sent:

1. Control Panel / System.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Press Error Reporting.

4. To disable error reporting, check the Disable error reporting box. I would check the But notify me when critical errors occur box.

5. If you did NOT disable error reporting, you can check the Windows operating system and/or Programs box. If you checked the Programs box, you can press the Choose Programs button, select All programs in this list, and press the Add button to enter the programs you wish to include. If you selected All Programs, you can Add programs to the Do not report errors for these programs list. If you wish to remove a program that you added, select it and press the Remove button.

6. Press OK, OK, and OK.

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