JSI Tip 5253. How do I use the WinStation Monitor tool to monitor Terminal Services client sessions?

WinStation Monitor (Winsta.exe) provides current, timely, statistics of all Terminal Services client sessions, including user name, domain name, IP address, session ID, and connection status, while consuming minimal resources.

NOTE: WinStation Monitor runs on Windows 2000 server computers that are running Terminal Services.

Tips on using WinStation Monitor:

- If WinStation Monitor is minimized, hovering the mouse cursor over the icon in the notification area (System Tray) will display the total number of sessions.

- If you right-click a user, you can press Send Message to send them a message.

- You can change the sort order of any column by pressing the column heading.

- You can manually refresh the view by pressing View / Refresh.

- You can press View / Show All to display all sessions as apposed to just active sessions.

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