JSI Tip 5210. Windows XP Terminal Services client doesn't hear any sound?

When your Windows XP computer connects to a Terminal Server, you do not hear any sound?

If the Remote Computer Sound setting on the client is not properly configured, or if the the Terminal Server has sound turned off, you will experience this silence.

To set the Terminal Server to use sound:

1. Start / Run / tscc.msc / OK.

2. Double-click the RDP-TCP Connection.

3. In the RDP-TCP Connection Properties dialog, select the Client Settings tab.

4. Check the Audio Mapping box and press OK.

5. Exit the snap-in.

To configure the client:

1. Start / All Programs / Accessories / Communications / Remote Desktop Connection.

2. Select Options in the Remote Desktop Connection dialog.

3. Select the Local Resources tab.

4. Press Bring to this computer in the drop-down list of Remote Computer Sound and press Connect

NOTE: Sound redirection is a feature of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) version 5.1 and is NOT supported on Windows NT Terminal Server or on Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

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