JSI Tip 5192. A missing HKCR\ldap\Clsid registry key causes many errors?

When you try to create a new user in the Windows 2000 MMC, you receive an Invalid Syntax error.

When you try to delete a user, you receive a An invalid Active Directory pathname was passed error.

When you add a user to a group, the MMC generates an access violation.

None of the Active Directory snap-ins work correctly.

Exchange Services do NOT start.

System Attendant records:

Event Type:Error
Event Source:MSExchangeSA
Event Category:(1)
Event ID:1005
Description: Unexpected error Class not registered ID no: 80040154 Microsoft Exchange System Attendant occurred.

NOTE: In addition to a missing HKCR\ldap\Clsid key, an old version of Activeds.tlb can cause these symptoms. The version must be 5.0.2143.1 or greater.

If you are running IE 5.5, get the latest service pack.

To fix the problem, verify or set the following registry entries, changing the path to the C:\Winnt folder to match your installation:



@="ADs LDAP Pathname Descriptor Object"






@="Active DS Type Library"





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