JSI Tip 5188. How can I find all the encrypted files in Windows XP?

If you have an NTFS partition, you can use thew EFS (Encrypting File System) to protect file content from any other user. This is very helpful for laptops that could be stolen and for any computer that contains confidential information.

You can use any of the following 3 methods to locate encrypted files:

1. Use the CIPHER command.

2. Change the color that Windows Explorer uses to display the files:

        Double-click My Computer and use Tools / Folder Options.

        Select the View tab.

        Check the Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color box and press OK.

3. Have Windows Explorer display the Attributes column:

        Double-click My Computer and press the View menu.

        Select Details and press Choose Details.

        Check the items that you want to see, including Attributes, and press OK.

NOTE: You can use Tools / Folder Options / View to Apply to All Folders.

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