JSI Tip 5050. Group Policy application may require multiple logons and the password expiration warning may not happen in Windows XP?

I have noticed that one of my Windows XP domain (Windows 2000) clients never gets a password expiration warning?

This same client never applies Group Policy software installations on their first logon?

If a Windows XP domain client does NOT have a roaming profile, home folder, or a logon script, Windows XP does NOT wait for the network to become available before logging on a user who has cached credentials.

This causes these clients to never receive a password expiration warning.

Additionally, because Group Policy is being applied asynchronously in the background, software installation, and other processes that require the user to be logged off, take two logon processes to apply.

To cause Windows XP to always wait for network initialization, and behave like Windows 2000 clients in this regard, use Group Policy to navigate to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Logon. Double-click Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon and Enable this policy.

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