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JSI Tip 5029. 'Error Reading CD-ROM' when you try to upgrade to Windows XP?

When you try to upgrade to Windows XP, you receive:

Error Reading CD-ROM in Drive D:

Please Insert CD-ROM WXHFPP_EN
With Serial Number 6A84-0E41 in Drive D:

If the CD-ROM is still in the drive, it may require cleaning.

Press ENTER for OK or ESC to Cancel: OK

This problem is caused by one of the following:

- Windows XP cannot detect your CD-ROM drive.

- You have more than one CD-ROM type drive and Setup is confused.

If you have more than one CD-ROM type drive, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM in a different drive and restart Setup.

You can also copy the I386 folder of the CD-ROM to a I386 folder on a disk drive. Then exit Windows Explorer and use Start / Run / <Drive:>\i386\winnt32.exe / OK.

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