JSI Tip 4871. How can I automate an 'advanced' restart when I dual boot Windows XP and Windows 2000?

If you dual boot Windows XP and Windows XP, any time that you want to restart and use a boot option other than the default, you have to sit and watch the computer, so you can make the proper boot selection.

In this tip, we will create an Advanced Restart menu, that will allow you to pre-select the startup options, prompt you to restart, and DOES NOT require any key press during startup:

1. Create a shortcut to msconfig.exe on the Windows XP Start menu and name it Advanced Restart.

2. Edit the Properties of this shortcut and change the Target to the full path to msconfig.exe, followed by " -4", without the quote marks. It should look similar to:

c:\windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\msconfig.exe -4

NOTE: The -4 indicates the 4th tab, BOOT.INI.

3. Create the exact same shortcut on the Windows 2000 Start menu, using the Windows XP Target.

When you press the Advanced Restart shortcut, you can select the default operating system, Safe mode options, and other boot options. When you press OK, you are prompted to restart your computer. Since the boot options have been pre-selected, you can go get a cup of coffee.

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