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JSI Tip 4843. How do I use my Windows XP laptop in multiple network configurations?

If you use your laptop on networks that provide a DHCP server and on a network that doesn't, windows XP provides an Alternate Configuration capability that makes moving from office to home seamless. If a DHCP server is NOT found, Windows XP will use the Alternate Configuration.

To setup the Alternate Configuration:

1. Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet Connections / Network Connections.

2. Right-click the local area network (LAN), or high-speed Internet connection, that you want to configure, and press Properties.

3. Press Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and press Properties.

4. Select the Alternate Configuration tab.

NOTE: If the Alternate Configuration tab is NOT available, first select the Obtain an IP address automatically option on the TCP/IP Properties dialog.

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