JSI Tip 4802. Windows XP allows you to determine which process uses or blocks a TCP port

The Netstat.exe utility has added a -o switch, which displays the process identifier ( PID) that is associated with each connection. To determine the port that a process listens on, open a CMD prompt and type netstat -ano. You will receive a display similar to:

Proto    Local Address    Foreign Address    State        PID
TCP          Listening    772
TCP          Listening    1296
To determine the process, use Task Manager:

1. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and press Task Manager.

2. Select the Processes tab.

3. If the PID column is NOT displayed, press View / Select Columns and check the PID (Process Identifier) box.

4. Press the PID column to sort the processes by their PID.

5. Match the PID from the Netstat.exe display to the Task Manager Processes PID.

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