JSI Tip 4710. Measure your Windows XP startup.

The windows XP design goals are:

Boot to a useable state in a total of 30 seconds. 
Resume from Hibernate in a total of 20 seconds. 
Resume from Standby in a total of 5 seconds.
NOTE: Boot and resume times are measured from the time the power switch is pressed until you can start a program from a desktop shortcut.

To measure these times, download and install BootVis.msi.

The help file contains the following topic:

Bootvis Command Line Options

Bootvis supports a number of command line options useful for scripting automation of trace collection or post-processing or trace data.

To list available command line options, run 'bootvis /?' from a command prompt.

The following command line options are supported.


bootvis \[options\]
bootvis \[filename\]


When using the -on switch, only 1 trace flag should be specified
The \[n\] parameter defaults to a value of 1 if it is not explicitly specified on the command line
.csv is a comma-separated value file; .txt is a tab-separated value file.


-on boot \[n\]
	Collect \[n\] boot traces. 

-on boot+drivers \[n\]
	Collect \[n\] boot+drivers traces. 

-on standby \[n\]
	Collect \[n\] standby traces. 

-on hibernate \[n\]
	Collect \[n\] hibernate traces. 

	Stop tracing; trace data is not saved. 

-d \[filename\]
	Save trace to output file.

-do \[filename\]
	Save and open output trace file.

-summaryinfo \[filename\]
	Opens the file specified and displays the resume summary window.

-driverinfo \[filename\]
	Opens the file specified and displays the driver delay window.

-bootinfo \[filename\] \[txt\]
	Open the file specified and save the boot summary to the text file \[filename\].csv.  
	If the \[txt\] option is specified, the output file is \[filenam.txt\].

-resumeinfo ms \[filename\] \[txt\]
	Opens the filename specified and saves the resume summary to the txt file \{filename\].csv.  
	If the \[txt\] option is specified, the output file is \[filenam.txt\].
	\[ms\] sets the driver delay threshold in milliseconds.

-callbackfile \[filename\] \[param\]
	Opens output trace file after all traces are done.
	Set the filename to NULL to clear the callback file.
	\[param\] is the input parameter passed to the callback file.

	Optimize the system for boot tracing.

	Suppress warning messages if the system does not support standby or hibernate.

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