JSI Tip 4700. Is your Windows XP Server service still self-tuning?

Just like in Windows NT and Windows 2000, if you ever run the net config server command, with the /autodisconnect, or /srvcomment, or /hidden switches, the then current values of the auto-tuned parameters are written to the registry, destroying the ability of the Server service to auto-tune itself.

To restore the Windows XP LAN Manager Server parameters to their auto-tuning state:

1. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters.

2. Delete all the Value Names (in the right-hand pane) except:

3. Shutdown and restart your computer.

The only safe way to set the values that the /autodisconnect, or /srvcomment, or /hidden switches set is to use the following tips:

0019 » Disabling autodisconnect.
3652 » More on LAN AutoDisconnect.

0043 » Hiding a server from the browser.

2854 » How do I add a comment when my Windows 2000 computer appears in a browse list?
3975 » NetComment freeware displays/change remote server comment.

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