JSI Tip 4659. When you try to logon as Administrator from a Windows XP Professional computer, the account is NOT available?

If your Windows XP Professional computer is NOT a member of a domain, you might be using the friendly logon interface.

When a user account is added to the local Administrators group, the built-in Administrator account is no longer available for logon during the friendly logon.

To workaround this issue, use any of the following:

- Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE twice during the friendly logon interface to use the classic logon interface.

- Logon in Safe mode.

- Logon as a user that is a member of the Administrators group.

- Logon remotely using Remote Desktop and the Autologon feature of the Remote Desktop Client.

NOTE: See tip 4485 ยป How do I configure Windows XP to use the classic logon screen?

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