JSI Tip 4636. Even though you spoke clearly, Windows XP issues 'Artist not recognized'?

In Microsoft Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player, you receive Artist not recognized, after issuing the following voice command:

Media Player, play artist <artist name>

The Media Library has works by <artist name>?

This behavior will happen if <artist name> contains any numeric characters.

You can obviously use the mouse to play the selection. If you don't want to:

1. Select the Media Library.

2. Select the <artist name> in the left-hand pane, under Artist.

3. In the right-hand pane, use the Artist column to right click the track and press Edit.

4. Remove the number(s) from the <artist name> and press Enter.

The next time you say: Media Player, play artist <artist new name>, it will.

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