JSI Tip 4633. Windows XP clients receive error 619 or 645 when connecting to a RRAS server?

When a Windows XP client connects to a RRAS ( Routing and Remote Access Services) server, they may receive:

Error 619, The port was disconnected. or Error 645, Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server.

The error will occur if the RRAS service is a member of a Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) or .NET domain, AND the RRAS server is not properly registered in Active Directory.

To register the RRAS server, a member of the Domain Admins group can use either of the following:

Use the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in:

1. Expand the domain name.

2. Expand the Users folder.

3. Right-click the RAS and IAS Servers security group and press Properties.

4. Select the Members tab.

5. Add the RRAS server to the group.

Use Netsh.exe (only if the RRAS server is Windows NT 5.0 or greater):

1. Log on to the RRAS server.

2. Open a CMD prompt and type:

   Netsh ras add registeredserver

   You will receive on of the following:

   Registration completed successfully: 
   RAS Server: <RASComputerName> 
   Domain: <DomainName> 

   Registration FAILED: 
   RAS Server: <RASComputerName> 
   Domain: <DomainName> The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

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