JSI Tip 4620. How do I force Windows XP Local Group Policy to update?

In windows 2000, you could use Secedit /refreshpolicy to force Group Policy to update, without waiting for the default update interval.

Windows XP provides Gpupdate for the same purpose. The syntax is:

GPUpdate \[/Target:\{Computer | User\}\] \[/Force\] \[/Wait:value \] \[/Logoff\] \[/Boot\]


\[/Target:\{Computer | User\}\] If the switch is omitted, both Computer and User policy settings are updated.
\[/Force\] Causes all policy settings to be reapplied, not just the changed settings.
\[/Wait:nnn\] If you omit this switch, the maximum wait time to complete the processing, and proceed to the next command, is 600 seconds. A nnn of 0 eliminates any wait, while an nnn of -1 will wait until policy processing is finished. If the wait time is exceeded, the next command is processed, but policy processing continues in the background.
\[/Logoff\] This switch will log you off when policy processing finishes. It should be used if you apply a policy that is only applied during logon, like Folder Redirection. If no such policy was applied, the switch is ignored.
\[/Boot\] This switch will restart the computer, if you apply a policy that can only be applied during startup, like computer-targeted Software Installation. If no such policy was applied, the switch is ignored.

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