JSI Tip 4576. How do I create multiple CD-ROMs in Windows XP?

To create multiple CD-ROMs from a set of files:

01. Insert a blank recording media in the CD-ROM recording drive.

02. Double-click My Computer and select the folders and/or files you wish to record. You can hold the Ctrl key and/or Ctrl+Shift a sequence of files.

03. In File and Folder Tasks, press Copy this file, Copy this folder, or Copy the selected items. If these objects are located in the My Pictures folder, in Picture Tasks, press Copy to CD or Copy all items to CD and go to step 5.

04. Select the CD-ROM drive in the Copy Items dialog and press Copy.

05. Using My Computer, double-click the CD-ROM recording drive to display the list of files under Files Ready to be Written to the CD.

06. In the CD Writing Tasks press Write these files to CD.

07. Follow the instructions in the CD Writing Wizard.

08. When finished, check the box that enables you to create a duplicate CD-ROM and press Yes, write these files to another CD, inserting another blank media.

09. Follow the wizard's instructions.

10. Verify that the finished CD-ROMs have the files you copies and that they are readable.

NOTE: DO NOT copy more objects than will fit. A standard CD-ROM holds 650MB and a high-capacity CD-ROM hold 850MB.

NOTE: You need 700MB of temporary disk space for a standard CD-ROM and 1GB for a high-capacity CD-ROM.

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