JSI Tip 4556. What Terminal Services settings effect Remote Assistance?

I first documented Remote Assistance in tips 4134, 4135, 4136, 4137, 4138, and 4139.

The following Terminal Services settings have an effect on Remote Assistance:


Set time limit for active sessions 
Set time limit for idle sessions 
Terminate session when time limits are reached
Terminal Services will use these values to disconnect a session.

Terminal Services

If Limit number of connections is set to 0, Remote Assistance, which is a session, will NOT work. If the session limit has already been reached, Remote Assistance will NOT work.


The minimum permissions required is that either the Administrators group or the System account needs User permissions. The Help Assistant account needs a minimum of Guest permissions to take control and save files.

The following settings have NO effect:

Color Depth 
User session limit 
Logon User Name and Password

TAGS: Windows 8
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