JSI Tip 4548. If have run a preinstalled OEM version of Windows XP, reinstalling, repairing, or upgrading may loose data and settings?

If you have an OEM preinstalled version of Windows XP, you may loose data and settings from the All Users and/or Default User folders, Startup group shortcuts, documents, pictures, and music files, from the Shared Documents folder, when you perform any of the following:

1. You reinstall into the same folder:

       You press Upgrade (Recommended) after running Winnt32.exe.
       Your press Install Windows XP on the CD-ROM's Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP screen.
       You perform an in-place upgrade using any method.

2. You run a repair from the CD-ROM.

3. You upgrade the Home Edition to the retail version of Windows XP Professional.

The only solution is to restore the data.

To prevent this behavior, delete the %Windir%\System32\Undo_guimode.txt file, NOW, and every time you first logon after performing any of the above functions, or if you use the Restore CD-ROM provided by the OEM.

NOTE: Microsoft may eventually release a Critical Update to prevent this behavior.

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