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JSI Tip 4498. How do I place the Windows XP Administrative Tools on the Start menu?

The Windows XP Administrative Tools are available via Control Panel. To make them available on the Start menu:

1. Right-click the Taskbar and press Properties.

2. Select the Start Menu tab.

3. Press Customize next to the Start menu radial button.

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Scroll to the bottom and check either Display on the All Programs menu or Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu.

6. Press OK.

7. Press Apply and OK.

To accomplish the above using the registry:

1. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:


2. Double-click the StartMenuAdminTools Value Name, a DWORD data type.

3. Set to data value to:

    0  -  Don't display this item.

    1  -  Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu.

    2  -  Display on the All Programs menu.

4. Press OK.

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