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JSI Tip 4455. How do I use the Windows XP Logman, Relog, and Typeperf tools?

The subject tools can be used with, or separate from, System Monitor and the Performance Logs and Alerts snap-in.


- Can remotely start and stop log file data collection.

- Can configure data collection on one computer and copy that configuration to multiple computers.

- Can query running logs and traces.

To start a local log: logman start JSI_Log


- Can convert a log from one type to another. You can convert a Windows NT 4.0 log file to a Windows XP log. You can convert a .blg (binary) log to a .csv (comma-separated values) log.

- Can resample a log fie and create a new log filtered by specific counters, a time period, or interval.

To convert a Windows 2000 log (W2K_log.blg) to a .csv format:

relog W2k_log.blg -f CSV -o W2k_log.csv


- Can write performance data to a command windows or log file.

- Can display the counters available on a local or remote computer.

To write the Memory counter, Available Bytes, from remote computer JSI005, every 5 seconds:

typeperf "Memory\Available Bytes" -s JSI005 -si 00:05

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