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JSI Tip 4433. How do I to integrate Windows 2000 images on a Windows XP Remote Installation Services (RIS) server?

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This article describes how to integrate Windows 2000 images on a Windows XP Remote Installation Services (RIS) server. The Windows XP RIS server can have both Windows XP installation images and Windows 2000 images.

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Install a Windows 2000 CD-based Image on a Windows XP RIS Server

To install a Windows 2000 CD-based image on a Windows XP RIS server, perform the following steps.

NOTE: A CD-based image of Windows 2000 must be integrated into the Windows XP RIS server first before you use the Riprep.exe utility to upload any custom installation images to the RIS server.
  1. On the Windows XP RIS server, run the Risetup.exe utility.

  2. When you are prompted, specify the Directory Name field for the image to be stored in, the Friendly Name field, and the Description field of the CD-based image, and then insert the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or specify the source file folder path for the "file copy" stage to create a Windows 2000 CD-based image.

    NOTE: If you intend to upload Windows 2000 installation images that have a Service Pack pre-installed, you must slipstream the corresponding Service Pack into the I386 source files on a flat before you create your CD-based image, and when prompted you must point to that flat for the source files to use when they create the Windows 2000 CD-based image.

  3. When the preceding step is complete, you can install Windows 2000 CD-base installations to your remote client computers.

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Integrate or Upload Windows 2000 Images to the Windows XP RIS Server

To integrate or upload Windows 2000 custom images with custom configurations and programs up to the Windows XP RIS server:
  1. Click Start, click Run, and then type the universal naming convention (UNC) path of the Riprep.exe utility, for example, type:
    Or, you can download the following files from the RemoteInstall\Admin\I386 folder on the Windows XP RIS server to a floppy disk:

    • Riprep.exe
    • Riprep.inf
    • Setupcl.exe
    • Mirror.dll

    NOTE: You cannot use the Riprep.exe utility or any of the preceding files from a Windows 2000 RIS server to upload images for Windows XP clients to a Windows 2000 RIS server. You must obtain updated versions of these files when they become available.

  2. Run the Riprep.exe utility from the source computer that contains the custom Windows 2000 Professional installation to upload the image to the Windows XP RIS server.

  3. Important information:

  • You must have administrator privileges.

  • The source computer shuts down when the image replication process is complete.

  • The abbreviated Setup program automatically runs when you restart the source computer. You must complete the setup process to use this client to create another installation image.

  • To use RIS, your computer must have a Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) enabled network adapter or have a network adapter that is supported by the RIS startup floppy disk. For a list of Network PCs and network adapters that are supported by using this service, refer to the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). To create a RIS Startup floppy disk, you must use the Rbfg.exe utility that is found on the RemoteInstall\Admin\I386 folder of the Windows XP RIS server.

NOTE: It is recommended that you have the latest service pack installed or integrated into your CD-based image and master systems before you upload the images to your RIS server.

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For additional information about the Riprep.exe utility requirements, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q228908 Requirements for Imaging Clients with Riprep.exe

For additional information about how to slipstream a Service Pack into the CD-based image, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q271791 How to Integrate Service Pack 1 into a Windows 2000 Installation
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