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JSI Tip 4380. How do I move the CD Recording temporary files store to an alternate Windows XP partition?

In tip 4374, Microsoft described copying files and folder to a CD recording device.

When you use the built-in support for CD Recording in Windows XP, the files for the image are collected in a temporary storage area.

To relocate the temporary storage area, Windows XP must be installed on an NTFS partition and you must have unpartitioned disk space available on some drive.

To move the temporary storage area:

01. Log on as the user you wish to configure.

02. Insert a blank CD-R disk in the drive.

03. Open the CD-R or CD-RW drive in Windows Explorer.

04. Delete any files that are waiting to be written to a CD.

05. Open a CMD prompt and type set.

06. Note the path listed for USERPROFILE.

07. Navigate to Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Administrative Tools / Computer Management.

08. Press Disk Management.

09. Right-click the unallocated disk space that you want to use for the temporary recording storage and press New Partition.

10. In the New Partition Wizard, press Next, and Next to create a primary partition.

11. Make the partition 700MB (maximum current supported size) or greater if you want to forecast a Service Pack enhancement.

12. Press Next.

13. Do NOT assign a drive letter. Mount the drive to the following path:

        %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning

        where %USERPROFILE% is the path you noted in step 06.

14. Press Next.

15. Accept the NTFS default, optionally type a volume label, and press Next.

16. Press Finish to create the partition.

NOTE: Only this user that you configured will uses this temporary files store.

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