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JSI Tip 4327. Your domain clients receive an error when connecting to a shared printer?

When a user who is logged onto your domain tries to connect to a shared network printer, they receive:

You do not have sufficient access to your machine to connect to the selected printer, since a driver needs to be installed locally.

The most likely scenario for this error to occurs is:

- The users is running a version of Windows NT (Windows NT x.x, Windows 2000 (NT 5.0), or Windows XP (NT 5.1)).

- The 'print server' is running a different operating system.

- The 'print server' has not loaded a suitable driver for the client operating system.

- The user is NOT a local administrator.

If all of the above conditions are true, the error occurs because the client must be able to locally install a print driver and they do NOT have the permissions required.

NOTE: The user must also be at least a Domain User.

There are two possible solutions:

1. Install a suitable driver on the 'print server' so that the client can download it. Use a technique similar to tip 3381.

2. Make the user's domain account a member of the local Administrators group on their workstation. See tip 0998 or tip 4195.

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