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JSI Tip 4323. OOBE (Out of Box Experience) does not run when Windows XP Setup completes?

The OOBE wizard usually runs when Windows XP is restarted after setup is complete.

OOBE performs the following:

product activation


mouse tutorial

user creation.
OOBE is disabled when:

- Your screen resolution is less than 800 X 600 with 256-bit color.

- The computer is a member of a domain.

- You use an unattended installation.

- You installed using Winnt32.exe.

Subsequent restarts do not cause OOBE to run.

To workaround this issue, before you run setup:

- Make sure the computer is NOT a member of a domain.

- Set the screen resolution to a minimum of 800 X 600 and 256 colors or above.

To perform the individual OOBE functions:

Product activation:

Press Start, More Programs or Programs, and Activate.

NOTE: During product activation, you can also register the product.

Mouse tutorial:

Press Start, Help and Support, and search for Mouse or Start, Run, type ITS:%Windir%\Help\mouse.chm::/win_mouse_buttons.htm, and press OK.

User creation or modification

Press Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double-click User Accounts.

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