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JSI Tip 4281. Windows 2000 or Windows XP hangs during setup?

During text-mode setup or later, your computer hangs?

Hardware detection may take 30 minutes or longer. If you can restart your computer using CTRL+ALT+DELETE, it is probably NOT hung.

This problem generally means that Setup can NOT detect or configure the hardware in your computer.

To resolve this issue:

1. Remove unnecessary SCSI lines in the \[SCSI.LOAD\] section of the Txtsetup.sif file by typing a semicolon (;) in front of each line. See tip 4280.

2. Flash your BIOS to the most recent version. See tips 4011 and 3414.

3. Modify your BIOS settings:

      - Make sure that Plug and Play functionality is controlled by the operating system.

      - Enable or disable USB support.

      - Disable power management support.

      - Disable infrared support.

      - Disable all serial ports.

4. Remove any non-essential hardware devices, one at a time. This should include any extra video adapters, extra SCSI adapters, sound cards, modems, NICS, ISA adapters, PCI adapters, external devices and cables, until you locate the culprit.

5. If you are using a notebook/laptop, it should NOT be in the docking station during setup.

6. If you require a specific or third-party HAL, see tip 2044, but his procedure only works when booting from CD-ROM.

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