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JSI Tip 4136. How do I offer Remote Assistance with Windows XP?

In tip 4135, I described how to configure a Windows XP client to receive Remote Assistance.

To receive Remote Assistance from an expert:

1. The user and expert must be members of the same domain or trusted domains.

2. The user and expert must both be using Windows XP, NOT the Home Edition.

3. The expert must be configured to offer Remote Assistance.

To configure the Offer Remote Assistance policy:

1. Run the gpedit.msc snap-in.

2. Navigate to Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Remote Assistance.

3. Double-click Offer Remote Assistance.

4. Enable the policy.

5. Select one of the following:

        View and control the computer of the novice user
        View the computer of the novice user

6. Press the Show button. 

7. Press the Add button to add the groups and/or users who can offer Remote Assistance.

8. Press OK, Apply, and OK.

NOTE: You do NOT have to restart for the policy to become effective.

NOTE: There is no mechanism to verify that the groups and users you entered exist.

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