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JSI Tip 4117. What are the Windows XP system requirements?

The Windows XP system requirements are:

         Windows XP Home Edition         Windows XP Professional    
    Processors         1         1 or 2    
    Minimum CPU speed         233 megahertz (MHz)         233 megahertz (MHz)    
    Recommend CPU         300 MHz         300 MHz    
    Minimum random access memory (RAM)         64 megabytes (MB)         64 megabytes (MB)    
    Recommended RAM         128 MB         128 MB    
    Maximum RAM         4 gigabytes (GB)         4 gigabytes (GB)    
    Disk Space for Setup         1.5 GB free         1.5 GB free    

Microsoft Recommends a VGA or SVGA video adapter capable of a minimum resolution of 800 x 600.

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