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JSI Tip 3941. Domain Controller Event ID 1419 in a multiple-domain-controller domain in a multiple-domain forest?

Due to problems with an Infrastructure Flexible Single Master Operation ( FSMO) role holder which is also a global catalog server, you receive:

Event ID: 1419 
Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	NTDS General
Event Category:	Directory Access 
Event ID:       1419
Date:		1/16/2000
Time:		9:58:21 AM
User:		Everyone
Computer:       Server1 
Description:    This DC is both a Global Catalog and the Infrastructure Update master. These two roles are incompatible.
                If another machine exists in the domain, it should be made the Infrastructure Update master.
                The machine CN=NTDS Settings,CN=ServerName,CN=Servers,CN=SiteName,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=PRODOM,DC=com
                is a good candidate for this role. If all domain controllers in this domain are Global Catalogs,
                then there are no Infrastructure Update tasks to complete, and this message may be ignored.
When a new DC is installed in the domain, the above error is likely generated on the first domain controller in the forest because is holds all five FSMO roles and is also a global catalog server.

To workaround this issue, perform either of the following:

- Transfer the Infrastructure FSMO role to another domain controller in the domain.

- Enable another domain controller in the forest to be the global catalog server and disable this computer from being a global catalog server.

See tip 3527 ยป FSMO Placement and Optimization on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers.

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