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JSI Tip 3878. How do I replace the current primary DNS server with a new primary Windows 2000 DNS server?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 300468 contains the following summary:

The step-by-step article describes how to set up a Windows 2000 DNS server as the primary Domain Naming System (DNS) server in an existing DNS domain. When an existing DNS domain structure is in place, it may be necessary to replace the current primary DNS server with a new Windows 2000 DNS server. DNS is the software that puts names to number mappings on computers.

The following list describes items that are used as examples in this article:

  • The domain name is "".

  • The IP address range is

  • The new Windows 2000 server IP address is, and the old primary DNS server IP address is

  • "W2K-DNS" is the Windows 2000 server name.

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