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JSI Tip 3723. How do I view active and saved Directory Service, DNS Server, and File Replication Service event logs remotely?

Windows 2000 domain controllers host Directory Service and File Replication Service event logs. Windows 2000 DNS Servers host the DNS Servers event log.

The Windows 2000 Event Viewer automatically recognizes any active event log on a computer.

To view these event logs over the network, you must connect with a Windows 2000 client:

1. Open the Event Viewer.

2. Select the Event Viewer (Local) object.

3. On the Action menu, or on the right-click context menu, press Connect to another computer.

4. Browse to and select the remote computer and press OK.

5. Select the Event Log and view its' content.

If you saved log file content using Save Log File As, you can view the saved log remotely:

1. Open the Event Viewer.

2. On the Action menu, press Open Log File.

3. Enter the full UNC path to the saved log file into File name.

4. Select the Log Type from the drop-down box.

5. Optionally, alter the Display name.

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