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JSI Tip 3630. How do I provide fault tolerance to a W95 client that logs onto a Windows NT 4.0 account domain with an LMHOSTS entry, without a DC in the local subnet?

When a W95 client logs onto a Windows NT 4.0 account domain, with no domain controller on the local subnet, failure to contact the domain controller represents a single point of failure, because the W95 client will not fall back to other name resolution methods ( DNS and WINS).

To resolve the problem, configure the LMHOSTS files as follows:

<IP of current DC> "DomainName  \0x1C"  #PRE                  
<IP of 2nd DC> "DCName2" #PRE #DOM:DomainName
<IP of 3rd DC> "DCName3" #PRE #DOM:DomainName
NOTE: The first entry must have 20 character between the quote marks, tip 2721 » NetBIOS names are exactly 16 characters in length?

NOTE: See tip 2988 » PDC and Domain Names names in the LMHOSTS file must be uppercase?

NOTE: See tip 1028 » LMHOSTS keywords must be UPPERCASE.

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