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JSI Tip 3611. How do I use System Policy to configure Windows 2000 clients in my Windows NT 4.0 domain or workgroup?

Normally, you would use Group Policy in an Active Directory domain to distribute policy settings to Windows 2000 clients.

If you don't have an Active Directory domain, and the settings that you wish to distribute are available to the Poledit.exe tool, you can configure the policy on a Windows 2000 server. Save the policy as a Name.pol file and store it in the \WinNT folder of your Windows NT 4.0 domain controller or server. On each Windows 2000 client, use Regedt32 to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update. On the Edit menu, Add Value name NetworkPath. Set this string value to the UNC path of the policy, \\ServerName\WinNTShare\Name.pol. When the client logs onto the Windows 2000 workstation, the policy will be read from the NetworkPath.

NOTE: See tip 3620.

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