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JSI Tip 3593. When you logon with cached credentials, you cannot connect to a domain-based DFS root?

When you do attach to a network, after logging on with cached credentials, and attempt to connect to a domain-based DFS root, your receive either of the following:

A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network.

The Network Name could not be found.

This problem is generally the result of having a DNS name and NetBIOS name that are different. Your computer's NetBIOS name is ComputerName but its' DNS name is

When there is no cached DFS information, and you try to connect to a DFS share, \\Name\\share, with cached credentials, the Server service resolves the name to ComputerName. Since the Server service is NOT listening for ComputerName, it rejects the client.

To resolve the issue, change the NetBIOS name from ComputerName to Name.

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