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JSI Tip 3238. How do I allow non-administrators to use Terminal Services Remote Administration mode?

When a user who is NOT an administrator, tries to use Terminal Services Remote Administration mode, they receive:

You do not have access to logon to this Session.
Only 2 simultaneous members of the Administrators group are allowed to log on in Remote Administration mode.

You can grant other users, such as Server Operators, the right to use Terminal Services Remote Administration mode. These groups are NOT included in the default RDP-TCP permissions, and cannot log on until they are authorized.

NOTE: The System account has permission but can NOT be used to log on.

To grant addition user or groups permission:

01. Start Terminal Services Configuration in the Administrative Tools folder.

02. Press Connections in the left-hand pane.

03. Press the RDP-TCP connection in the right-hand pane.

04. Press Properties on the Action menu.

05. Select the Permissions tab.

06. Press Add.

07. Select the users or groups you wish to add and press Add to place them in the bottom pane.

08. Press OK.

09. Check the User Access box, for just basic tasks, or both User Access and Full Control to completely manage the server.

10. Press Apply.

11. Press OK.

12. Test the logon of a newly added user or group.

NOTE: Only 2 simultaneous logons are allowed, regardless of how many users and groups you add.

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