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JSI Tip 3180. My Windows 2000 domain browse list is missing one of my domains?

When each Windows 2000 domain is contained in its'own subnet, a NetBIOS browse list may be missing one of the domains.

When a Domain Master Browser starts up, it asks the WINS server to retrieve all the <1B> records, the other Domain Master Browsers, in the WINS database, in order to discover other domains.

Unfortuneatley, a Windows 2000 WINS server returns all but one of the <1B> records, causing the Domain Master Browsers to miss one domain.

There is currently no fix for this problem.

You can circumvent this issue by adding one member of the missing domain to each subnet. This causes a Segment Master Browser to be created which will broadcast a DomainAnnouncement datagram, which the other Domain Master Browsers will use to discover the missing domain.

NOTE: See tip 2857 » How can a Windows 2000 client support multiple domain browse lists?

NOTE: You could consider using a LMHOSTS file on every computer in the enterprise.   See Q150800 - Domain Browsing with TCP/IP and LMHOSTS Files.

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