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JSI Tip 3177. Error when adding a Windows NT 4.0 client to a domain?

When you attempt to add a Windows NT 4.0 client to a domain, you receive:

The Domain controller for this domain could not be found.

When you look at the System event log on the client, it contains Event ID 5719, No Windows NT Domain Controller is available for domain <Domain Name>.
The following error occurred: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.

If your Windows NT 4.0 client is using a LMHOSTS file, AND it contains an incorrect entry WITH the #PRE tag, you will experience this problem.

Either fix the incorrect entry at %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\LMHOSTS,


if you don't need the LMHOSTS file for NetBIOS name resolution:

1. Control Panel / Networks.

2. Press Protocols / TCP/IP Protocol / Properties.

3. Select the WINS tab.

4. Clear the Enable LMHOSTS Lookup box.

5. Press OK and Close.

6. Restart your computer when prompted.

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