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JSI Tip 3155. Error message when you use the IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS command?

When you try to register a computer's DNS records, using the IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS command, you receive:

Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
: Refreshing DNS names

If you try netdiag /fix, you may receive:

LDAP unable to register SPN record for <FQDN>

If your DHCP Client service is NOT started, you will experience this problem.

To resolve the problem:

1. Administrative Tools / Services.

2. Scroll to the DHCP Client service and select it.

3. Right-click and press Properties.

4. Select the General tab.

5. In the Startup type box, select Automatic.

6. Press the Start button.

7. Press OK.

8. Close the Services snap-in.

The DHCP Client service is responsible for performing the dynamic update for the host record. If the computer has a static IP address, the DHCP Client service also updates the reverse lookup record. The DHCP Client service MUST run on any computer that performs dynamic updates.

See tip 2821 ยป Your Windows 2000 can't resolve a host name using DNS?

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