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JSI Tip 2990. How do I revoke a Windows 2000 Terminal Services CAL?

Once a Terminal Services client connects and obtains a CAL, the certificate license cannot be revoked and reallocated to the license pool?

The CAL permits a client to use file, print, and other network services provided by a Terminal Services-based server. The Terminal Services component of Windows 2000 requires per-seat licensing, except for the Internet Connector license.

When the client requests a CAL, the Windows 2000 license server marks an available license as taken, and sends the license to the client. There are no tools to revoke the license and return it to the available pool.

To recover the license, you must contact the Microsoft Clearinghouse at 1 (888) 571-2048, and ask then to issue another license.

Windows 2000 Professional comes with a Terminal Services CAL, so it doesn't request one. To transfer this CAL, see tip 2676.

See Knowledge Base articles:

Q244749 - Licenses Required When Using Terminal Services Client Software.

Q237811 - How to Activate a Terminal Services License Server and Install CALs Over the Internet.

Q237801 - Windows 2000 Terminal Services Requires Licensing Service.

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