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JSI Tip 2809. How do I restore selected registry keys/values to there initial setting?

When you install Windows 2000, your initial registry hives are backed up to the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder.

When you create a new ERD, in NTBackup, and check the also backup the registry to the repair directory...... box,
the updated registry hives are stored in the %SystemRoot%\Repair\RegBack folder. A System State backup also updates the %SystemRoot%\Repair\RegBack folder.

You can use entries in the %SystemRoot%\Repair folders' hives to reset your current registry.

After an Administrator deleted the Recycle Bin registry entries, I used the following steps to recover them:

01. Using Regedt32, I selected the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.

02. On the Registry menu, I pressed Load Hive.

03. I browsed to the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder and loaded the Software hive.

04. I entered JSI in the Key Name box.

05. With Regedt32 still open, I used regedit to export




06. I exited Regedit.

07. In Regedt32, I selected the JSI hive and pressed Unload Hive from the Registry menu.

08. I exited Regedt32.

09. I used notepad to edit the two .REG files, replacing \JSI\ with \Software\.

10. I double-clicked each .REG file and restarted the computer.

NOTE: You may wish to delete an keys that you are about to replace, to insure that no new values/sub-keys remain.

NOTE: See tip 2880 for the Windows NT 4.0 procedure alterations.

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