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JSI Tip 2784. Windows 2000 RAS client can NOT log onto a domain?

When a Windows 2000 RAS client, using Dial-Up Networking, logs onto a domain, they are logged on using cached credentials. This may prevent logon scripts, and group policies from running, as well as access to their roaming profile and home folder.

The System event log may contain:

Event ID 5719
No Windows NT or Windows 2000 domain controller is available for domain <domain name>. The following error occurred:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
This problem will occur if the client is configured to use p-node or m-node for NetBIOS name resolution. If this wasn't set manually, it could be set through a DHCP lease option 46.

p-node or m-node causes a timing issue that prevents the RAS client from finding a logon server.

The fix is to use hybrid node.

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