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JSI Tip 2677. The Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit has useful Terminal Services utilities.

The Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit has the following useful Terminal Services utilities:

Appsec - Used to restrict non-administrative users' execution access to a limited set of authorized programs.

Drive Share - Used to share and connect to local drives during Terminal Services client session initialization.

File Copy - Provides copy/paste file transfer between a Terminal Services client session and a local desktop.

Lsreport - Used to connect to Terminal Services License servers and display information about the license key packs installed on the servers.

Lsview - Used to display the name and type of currently available License servers in a domain.

Roboclient - A Terminal Services capacity-planning tool.

Simclient - A Terminal Services capacity-planning tool.

Tsreg - A graphic utility to change client registry settings relating to bitmap caching, glyph caching, and so on.

Tsver - Used for allowing or disallowing client connections based on the client version.

Winsta - Used for monitoring Terminal Services client sessions.

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