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JSI Tip 2676. How do I transfer a Windows 2000 Terminal Services CAL to another computer?

NOTE: Windows 2000 clients come with a built in TS CAL and hence do not recieve a CAL from the TS server.

The TS CAL is a per-seat license that allows for a one-time transfer to another client.

To transfer the licenses:

1. Run the Terminal Services Licensing program on your Windows 2000 server.

2. Press Properties on the View menu.

3. On the Connection Method tab, press Telephone and your country.

4. Press OK.

5. Use the Action menu to press Install Licenses. This starts the Licensing Wizard and returns a phone number.

6. Call the CSC and describe your need to reissue licenses. The CSR will direct you how to continue.

If you wish to remove the TS CAL from the original client device, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


and delete the LICENSE000 or LICENSE00x key.

NOTE: There may be two keys, one for the Windows 2000 or Windows NT computer and one for the TS CAL.

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