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JSI Tip 2085. I accidentally deleted a domain controller's computer account, can I recover?

You must perform the following instructions on the 'orphaned' DC, and all other DC's in the domain:

1. Restart the DC.

2. Press F8, as soon as the boot menu is displayed, to invoke the Troubleshooting and Advanced StartUp Options.

3. Select the Directory Services Restore Mode and press Enter.

4. At a CMD prompt, type ntdsutil and press Enter.

5. Type authoritative restore and press Enter.

6. type:

      restore subtree "cn=<ThisDCsComputerName>,ou=Domain Controllers, dn=<YourDomainName>,dc=<YourTopLevelDN>" and press Enter.


      restore subtree "cn=JSI001,ou=Domain Controllers,dc=JSIINC,dc=com

7. Type Quit and press Enter. Type Quit and press Enter.

8. Type exit and press Enter.

9. Shutdown and restart your DC.

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